About Me  [1]

About Me


I'm not used to talking about myself (especially to people I dont know), but I have made some effort to write a few short lines here.

I am a 43-year-old from Belgium, living in the region of Liège and working as a systems analyst and network manager.  I have always been fascinated by imagery and I started photography in 1998 in an effort to enhance my artistic side in a way other than by application development.  Self-taught, having looked for inspiration in other photographers' work, I have devoted myself to several domains, but studio photography has always been my favourite.

The purchase of my first digital SLR camera in 2002 allowed me, at last, to merge my passion with my trade.  Nevertheless photography is not a regular part of my daily life, since I want it to remain my passion.

I rarely do more than 3 photo sessions a year, because the models are principally my friends.  It is rather difficult for me to photograph someone with whom I have had no communication, but I remain open to any suggestions.

... have a nice visit.